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    Summer Struggles  echo $newRAM;
    added Sat July 12 2003 at 1:52 AM
    Throughout the entire summer, I've been trying to get a job at this place, or that place. Granted, I have been rather picky as to where I wanted employment. I did quit Circle K, and I did quit Pizza Hut. I did not apply to any other fast food places, and, for the most part, I've been limitting my applications to places where I really wanted to work. Other than that, I've been following up by calling various places I hoped to work, and a couple times I even went door to door filling out applications. Either Flagstaff's job market is just really, really bad, or there's something wrong with me, or fate was out to get me, because there was very minimal returns for all my efforts. I'd reached the bottom of my rope, and instead of a noose, there was the final option of moving to Tucson and trying down there. Now, normally, I wouldn't want to move again. I don't particularly enjoy leaving friends behind, especially since I'm so horrible at keeping in contact with people over the distance.

    I was sorting through some stuff and found a letter that said that my scholarship did not allow more than two years for a deferment, and that work before a mission was not an excuse to extend the deferment. In short, if I didn't go back to school this semester, I would lose my scholarship. That got me to thinking about why I wasn't planning on going to school.and compared with the alternative of drifting aimlessly in life like this, I decided that perhaps going to school would be the best plan. Yesterday, I started looking for someplace to stay. I started by calling the on campus housing, because they have some housing that is pretty cheap, and it's obviously really close to campus. They didn't have any of the cheap apartments left, so I started calling all over town. Most of the places I called were not BYU approved housing, so I looked at the BYU listing of off-campus housing. I made a couple phone calls, and yesterday evening, somebody actually called me back. And it felt right, both to me and to my mom. So I have a place to live.

    It all just seems so much easier to be going back to school. So much less drifting, so much more purpose. So I go to talk to my bishop in two days, and I see if I can overcome the next obsticle- namely, a continuing student ecclesiastical endorsement. And then I start to register for classes. And hopefully my summer struggles have found their solution.