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    Pictures; a phone number  echo $newRAM;
    added Sun June 29 2003 at 2:41 AM
    I figure that since neither entry is really much abstract thought, but rather just a journal entry kinda thing, I'll just put them both together. I don't hear anybody complaining... cause that would require leaving comments (you do realize, of course, that you can leave comments on any of my RandOMnesS or JPsDocs entries. No, the other person sitting in front of the computer. Yes, I'm talking to you).

    Anyway... on to the first order of business. I've been hard at work updating my pictures pages again, and while there aren't any *new* pictures today, the pages just keep getting better. Today's big project is located at the Picture Archives. I made it so the page automatically updates itself whenever I upload new pictures. I also added a feature that displays a description of the pictures in each folder. Both of these features will eventually be incorporated into the new pictures section. The only feature that I ended up abandoning is that the server on the archives page does not automatically make the thumbnails for the pages. It isn't very hard for me to do manually, of course (I've got some nifty software that does it for me), it's just one small step below what I originally had planned. So I've spent about 2 or 3 hours in the last two days downloading all the pictures, making thumbnails, and uploading the thumbnails. Now that it's done, you get to see the fruit of my labors. Please, please, please (I'd be on my hands and knees, but I'm rather comfy in my chair, so not tonite) leave comments below pertaining to the pictures pages (both the new pictures and the archives. If you like them, cool. Let me know. If there is anything that you think could use any kind of improvement, cool. Let me know.

    Second order of business: a phone number. I came home at about 1:20 AM tonite and I found a note saying to call Amanda at 555-5555 (you don't *really* think I'd give you her number, do you?). Naturally, I know which Amanda this is referring to, even though I haven't spoken with her in almost a year now. The amazing that is that for my parents to leave a note like that, she must've actually called me. When was the last time that *she* called me... well, if you don't count the times that she was simply returning my call, I don't think she's ever called me. We wrote a couple emails to each other a while ago, and she said that she'd call if she ever came into Flagstaff, but part of me never actually expected that she would follow through with it. Apparently she did. The dilemma that it leaves me in is that the message simply says to call her. It doesn't say when. One can't call into a house that potentially has a little kid and a pregnant girl at 1:30 AM. But then the note should have said "JP, Amanda called." It's in my father's handwriting... perhaps he just didn't think about how late it would be when I came home. So I'll call when I wake up tomorrow. Anybody who wakes up after I do in the morning deserves to be woken up by a phone call.