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    6:19 (AM)  echo $newRAM;
    added Mon June 23 2003 at 8:14 AM
    I told my mom that I wanted to be up before she left this morning. I know, it's not "mature" to have your mommy wake you up in the morning, but I don't wake up to alarms. In fact, I don't wake up to much of anything until my body's well and ready for it. She just happens to be a bit more insistent than any alarm clock that I've found yet. Someday, I'll find an alarm clock that doesn't stop until I've poured myself a bowl of cereal, but until that day, I just ask my mom to wake me up.

    Eyes open, sun outside. Awake. *Too* awake. Hold it... it's kinda bright outside. I'm a little bit too awake. Ummm... SHOOT. I really wanted to wake up on time this morning... I've got a lot of phone calls to make. Darnit, mom... This isn't like you, you always wake me up when you say you will. Check to see if the door's open: a sign that she had already come in and woken me up, but I'd fallen right back asleep. Nope. Door's still shut. Where's a clock? I need a clock. Grab my palm pilot off the desk where I left it last night after I emptied my pockets.

    Push the button, it doesn't turn on. Man, I need a new palm pilot before I go back to school. This one's falling apart. Try again at a slightly different angle, and it displays the time. 6:19. Stop. Think. Push the button again. 6:19 AM.

    How on earth did *that* happen? It's before 7:00, and I just woke up on my own. Like, no alarm, nobody waking me up. My mom was up (of course), but she wasn't making that much noise. Even if she had invited the chicago symphony to play 1812 overture (cannon shots and all), I still would've been surprised to be awake at 6:19 without someone coming in and personally inviting me to the land of the living.

    So here I am. Morning. Weird...