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    Friday-- I mean Wednesday-- night  echo $newRAM;
    added Thu June 12 2003 at 1:30 AM
    Who ever said that you could only go out on a Friday night? Actually, if schedules permit, weeknights are the best nights to go to movies and dinner and stuff like that, because you miss the big traffic of weekend evenings. I'm not sure, however, if it would be proper for me to refer to it as a "date"... she has a boyfriend. Dang.

    On Monday night, I was at Julie's place, just hanging out, and somehow it came up that one of her roommates wanted to see "Finding Nemo," but didn't have the money. Of course, that was a very perfect, very natural entrance for me to ask her to the movies. And she said yes. So we decided that the next evening, we would go see the movie together. Unfortunately, she backed out yesterday, something to do with work keeping her late, I think. At any rate, it was rescheduled for this evening. In the process of her backing out, however, I talked with Julie and found out that I shouldn't take the whole thing seriously anyway, because her roommate has a boyfriend.

    Woah... back up... she has a boyfriend? She totally laid down a very obvious line to get asked to a movie, and then immediately accepted. And she has a boyfriend? Well, that puts a damper on that, now doesn't it... Naturally, the girl is very cute, a good singer, claims to dance (have not tested the claim yet), and is very exciting to be with. All the things that would potentially make Jo-Pete be interested. And a boyfriend.

    We did go to the movie, though. "Finding Nemo" is a very good movie, I give it two thumbs up. And it was actually surprisingly nice to go on a date where I knew that there was absolutely no chance of a relationship... I could just go and have fun and be myself. Didn't have to worry about impressing her, which made the evening that much more enjoyable. So we watched the movie (we both enjoyed it), and then went back to her apartment. Of course, I would've possibly been at her apartment anyway, because I would've perhaps been visiting Julie. And that was that. Of course, she's still cute, and still very exciting, and Jo-Pete is still rather smitten by the young lady, but it means nothing... We really are just friends. And for once in my life, I think I'm okay with that.