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    Home again  echo $newRAM;
    added Mon May 26 2003 at 1:39 PM
    Oh wait... I never told anybody that I left. Ah well, too late for that now. I made it home again last night, safe and sound.

    Went down to Phoenix first. My sister was having a graduation party (she graduated from ASU last week) and my mom and dad wanted to surprise her down there. Naturally, there was a lot of crying on Eliza's end when we walked in. Of course, the crying wasn't on my behalf... she hadn't expected my parents to show up to it, because we were down there just a week ago for the ceremony. And I just quietly tried to slide into the background. I didn't especially want to be the center of attention, anyway. Reality is that I felt more like being asocial, which is quite a trick with your cousins and everybody there wanting to be social. I found a good way to succeed at my lofty goal, however. Jacob and I took off for Utah.

    Oh, we'd been planning on going to Utah anyway. If you recall correctly, (as I'm sure all four of my loyal readers will) all my junk was abandoned at my Uncle's place in Lindon, UT. Well, my wonderful brother, Jacob (your welcome, Jacob) happens to have a truck. So, we drove up to Utah, got my stuff, visited with my Uncle Barry for a few hours, and drove back. And we slept for a few hours at my cousin's house in Springville. Lots and lots and lots of car time. Lots of gas money, too. Naturally, I was paying for the gas, since I was the reason that we were going up there anyway.

    I must apologize publicly to those who are currently living in UT, especially Erin. I had thought about visiting friends while I was up there, and even told Erin that I'd give her a call, but the reality of the trip came down to the fact that we were on the road more than anything else, including sleep. There wasn't really much time to go visiting with more friends. Of course, we had to visit with my Uncle Barry, cause he's the awesomest uncle ever, but that was all the time that we set aside for visiting. We had thought about staying an extra day, but decided that we'd rather go home.

    At any rate, I'll try to find something more interesting to talk about tomorrow or later today. Something other than weird ramblings about green beans (sorry guys, there's really not much going on in my life to talk about right now).