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    Green Beans.  echo $newRAM;
    added Tue May 20 2003 at 1:37 AM
    The problem with not getting any comments on entries I make in RandOMnesS and/or JPsDocs is that I don't feel motivated to write much. It's a viscious cycle, and one must ask which comes first. Does the abundance of material spark the interest of devoted fans, or do devoted fans spark the interest in finding material. Goodness knows this doesn't pay. But it's an obsession, so it will come and go however it will.

    Really, the cause and effect of a good website is irrelevant. Much like the age-old question of the chicken and the egg. Personally, I don't see much point in attempting to decipher such a philosophical question. It makes as much sense as asking if Adam has a belly button.

    Belly buttons aren't even that important. At least eggs and chicken both give good nourishment. The source of this nourishment is as important as green beans, or some other yummy food. Don't know why I thought of green beans, but they add color to the plate. And is the color of the food really that important? Would brown beans taste the same?

    I've seen some funky white stuff growing on green beans before. Somehow, the small tub was nudged to the back row of the fridge. The fridge is a lot like a government agency. Only the big guys ever get any attention. Or like those annoying long distance phone calls to large corporations when you're in a rush to go somewhere else. The amount of time you spend on hold is directly proportional to how angry you are at the company, and inversely proportional to the amount of time you have to spend trying to get ahold of them. The green beans aren't very important, and I don't know how they really relate to large corporations, but I know one thing for sure. Once look at that fuzzy white stuff, and I had no appetite for green beans.

    But was it the color of the matter, or the matter of the shape? Some people seem to think that shapes are rather important. They're always saying that we need to excercise hard so we can be in good shape. Or they're complaining that they're not in as good of shape as they were 5, 10, 33 years ago. Makes my kinda wonder if they preferred to be in squares. Or maybe triangles are the ideal shape to be in. There's a certain ratio for a golden rectangle that all the buildings in Athens were based on, perhaps they want to be in that shape. But I don't think that a trip to Athens would make their lungs stop hurting when they try to run a long distance in not quite so long a time.

    So maybe shape isn't so important after all. Perhaps it was the texture. Whatever it was, I'm glad my mom didn't bother to try to salvage the dish the green beans were in. Sometimes she'll do that. I don't know why, since she uses old cottage cheese cartons or yogurt dishes or whatever she's currently eating a lot of. To be perfectly honest, if I see one of those re-used containers with fuzzy white stuff in it, I don't even want to think about try to save the dish. Just throw the whole thing in the trash.

    Recycle truck came by today, not the trash man, so I find that I am completely off topic, and I really must get some sleep.