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    I'll build you a Rainbow  echo $newRAM;
    added Wed May 07 2003 at 1:08 PM

    "I'll build you a rainbow, way up high above
    Send down a sunbeam, plumb full of love
    Sprinkle down raindrops, teardrops of joy
    I'll be happy as springtime, watchin' over my boy"
    (lyrics by R. Scott Strong)

    I told my mom that I wanted to play something for her on a real piano. The keyboard just wouldn't cut it. It's fine for some practicing, if there's nothing else available, but it just wasn't enough for me to perform something for her. I didn't want to tell her ahead of time what it was, but I made the mistake of mentioning that she might not want me to play it in front of other people, in case she cried. She told me then that she wouldn't listen if I'd learned how to play "I'll build you a rainbow." Well, unfortunately, she'd guessed right on. That's what I was going to play. I couldn't bring her to the church and play it only to have her say that I had lied to her. So, I told her. And she backpedaled, saying that she had assumed that I hadn't found it.

    Of course, the performance could have been better. I messed up on several spots. Partially nerves, partially because I hadn't played it for three days by the time I played for her. Partially because I didn't have it quite as secure as I would've liked. But the time for practicing it was over, I had her there listening. And overall, it wasn't too bad.

    I only saw her take two Kleenex'. In the end, even though I would've liked it to have gone better, it went well enough. All that time practicing at Uncle George's definitely paid off. Piece by piece, I managed to build my Mom a Rainbow.

    temporary background image found at (I'll make my own background if I remember when I get on my own computer).

    Home, sweet Home  echo $newRAM;
    added Wed May 07 2003 at 1:34 PM
    I realized after a couple comments on other entries and a few IM's from various peoples, and one or two emails that I never actually said that I made it home. I hinted at it a few times, but I could definitely understand how someone may have not caught on that I'd made it. Especially after I made such a big point that I was having troubles.

    On Friday, I woke up at an unearthly hour (like before 6 AM) to make sure I didn't cause my ride to be late. It turned out that we didn't actually leave until after 8, but it was better to be up too early rather than too late. I had planned on paying for the gas for the trip down, at the very least, but the driver and his grandma (who was also in the car) wouldn't hear anything of it. So I only paid about $10 for the whole trip. Definitely a LOT less than I'd planned. I tried to force them to let me pay for the gas, but to no avail.

    Downside of the trip was that I didn't get to bring my stuff home like I'd planned. Originally (as I'm sure I've already said), I'd planned on getting a ride with a guy who has a big truck, but that fell through. I would've had to pay quite a bit to keep the truck gassed up, but it would've been well worth the money to have all my stuff here. But somehow, I'll survive. I did manage to bring my computer down, but it's not hooked up to the internet yet. So I'm using my dad's laptop.

    I signed up for cable internet. It's supposed to be installed next week Wednesday. Which means that I'll be back on my own computer, and pictures will be uploaded, and I'll be making more frequent entries on RandOMnesS. And I'll be a lot faster in realizing when people sign up to receive update notices (sorry, Eric... I barely checked it today, about a week after you signed up) (if you wish to receive notices when I update my page, simply go to the front page and put your email in the email notifications box.)

    In the end, it's good to be home. I'm looking for a job, have a couple good leads, and hopefully by this time next week, when I am making an entry from my own computer, I'll have a new job. Till then, be patient with me while updates are far and few between.