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    good night  echo $newRAM;
    added Wed April 16 2003 at 2:40 AM
    Breath in through the nose. Breath out through the mouth. Deeply inhale, cherish the sweet smell. Tropical and exotic, yet familiar and warm. Like vanilla, rich and deep. But not vanilla, something more than one can place a finger on. Bright lights flash, a hyperactive cacophony of visual stimuli. The loud music somehow fades into the background as I hold her tight. Head bowed to rest my forehead on the top of her head, slowly absorbing her sweet smell. Slowly swaying back and forth to the loud beating all around us. Look up and the band takes center stage once again, and the loud music bites my ears.

    Weaving through the crowds, each of us place a hand on her shoulder, mine to keep connected to her as the crowds swirl by. Small eddies of people force us to bounce back and forth as we move toward the goal of the exit. Liberation from the crowds leaves us out in the cool darkness of the night. Slowly we walk to our next destination. No rush to get there, casually strolling with all the time in the world. Take a seat in the large auditorium and let the new sounds rush over us once again. A sweet smile, kind words, and the intoxicating taste of lip gloss. Breath in and the aroma is sharp against the lungs, burning yet addictive. Stepping into the cold night once again doesn't seem a burden as she pulls me near for warmth.

    Hours later, stand in front of her door for a last minute. And say good night. Most wonderful night.