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    "Choose to Kiss" commentary  echo $newRAM;
    added Thu April 03 2003 at 3:20 PM
    read the letter to the editor here: "Choose to kiss" and then the commentary:

    When I read this to my roommate, he said that it wasn't possible. I, on the other hand, know some people who would actually do it. I'd say I should do it, but I'd chicken out. The part that I question is when he said that 18 lawyers called him and said that he was having charges pressed against him. It doesn't seem too likely that out of 57 girls, 18 would even think of getting a lawyer to press charges. maybe one or two, but not 18. I also somewhat question the statement that he is getting married at the end of the month. On the other hand, it is BYU... such things are entirely possible.

    I agree with the guy who did it, though (assuming it's a real story). Hundreds of girls were wandering around campus with a sticker that specifically said to kiss them. And then they get upset about it? GIRLS! If you don't want random guys to kiss you, then don't TELL them to. Simple solution for a complex problem. I really hope that the girls do press charges, and I equally hope that they go before a judge who laughs at their stupidity.

    The irony of the article is that this semester, I've had three seperate girls tell me to kiss them, and one last semester. Did they do it because they wanted a kiss? No. They did it because they know that I've never kissed a girl, and I'm scared as heck to follow through with it. So they taunt me. And they make a lot of noise about really wanting me to kiss them. And now I'm about 5 taunts short of actually following through with it. So... if I end up kissing you, don't take it personally. I just means that I finally got sick of the taunts and actually followed through with it for once. It seems such a waste for my first kiss to be so impersonal like that, but I guess that's better than dealling with these girls who think they're so funny when they drive me crazy. So we're going for the second kiss. It's the second kiss that will really matter. The second kiss will be the one with that special girl. The first kiss will be in self defense.