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    sunset  echo $newRAM;
    added Sun March 23 2003 at 5:54 PM
    Two days in a row, I experienced the romanticism of riding off into the sunset. Of course, I didn't have a horse, so I was actually walking into the sunset, but that's beside the point. Two days in a row, I needed to go to the Talmadge Building at about 6 in the evening. As I crossed the street to get onto campus, the sun glared in my face. Try as I might, I simply could not keep my eyes open. Sweet surrender: I simply closed my eyes and kept walking. There's not very many people on campus at 6 in the evening, fortunately. I opened my eyes every few seconds to make sure that I wasn't about to run into anybody. I knew that I was going the right direction as long as I kept the sun directly in my face. Fortunately for me, the building that I was headed toward happened to be due west.

    Campus is amazingly in line with the cardinal directions. Not to say that the buildings are directly East/West/North/South of each other. But if you stand directly North of the library and face the flagpole on the other side of Brigham's Square, I do believe you face almost due North. I wonder how much of that is coincidence.

    As I closed my eyes and walked forward, the world around me became a solid red. The bright sun showed right through my eyelids, and attacked my eyes even though the were shut. I was saddened to realize that the sun had no special warmth. Usually as you face the sun, you can feel a slight tingle as the suns rays bombard your skin. But not in this case. It was just a cool brightness. Soon, I was in the 100 foot long shadow of the Talmadge building, and it was all over. I opened my eyes and looked back over my path. The cold fire continued going down until sunset had become dusk.