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    bug in JPsDocs, date with Sally  echo $newRAM;
    added Sat March 22 2003 at 1:05 AM
    OK... Jo-Pete isn't infallible. No big surprise to those who know me. For some reason the recommendation feature isn't quite working on JPsDocs. For some reason, when a recommendation link is clicked on archived entries (which would be about 98 percent of the entries), it tabulates the entry and then sends the user to a dead link. I will be working on it, but for now, just click the back button to return to the page. But oh wait! There's yet to be anybody even *try* to make a recommendation on JPsDocs (Don't bother trying to lie to me, I have the numbers on this sort of thing... it's bugging, but it's still reporting to me). Don't expect anything immediately... it'll take awhile. It's remotely possible that I will just remove the feature (nobody uses it anyway)...

    Yeah, Friday night. Went out with Sally tonite. I guess I should give a bit of an update. She finally got ahold of me last night. She said that she didn't really like formal dances, but that she wouldn't mind going out with me sometime. So I went with it, and I asked her out for tonite. I tried to get tickets for Final Cut (a conglomeration of BYU film student projects), but they were sold out for this evening. So I ended up getting tickets to the dollar theater for "Catch Me If You Can". We went to dinner before... a nice, traditional, dinner and a movie approach... We got to the movie a little bit late, and ended up getting seats in the second row on the far side of the theater... Lousy seats, really... But it's all good, the seats aren't the most important thing in watching a movie. The movie was alright. There were a couple scenes that I felt a bit uncomfortable watching with a date, but there wasn't anything too bad in it.

    But it's all good, the movie isn't the most important thing in a date. I totally wanted to be spontaneous and suggest that we should hike the Y tonight (we had talked about maybe doing that if I couldn't get tickets for the movie). But she had already told me earlier in the evening that she has a test that she has to take tomorrow. So no wild, crazy spontineity. It wasn't a bad date by any means... just one that you end up feeling like it didn't go anywhere. We talked a little bit over dinner... but nothing really useful or anything. Yet somehow, I feel good around her. Don't know what to do about that... Girls... can't live with or without.