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    17 cookies  echo $newRAM;
    added Wed March 19 2003 at 11:47 PM
    17 cookies... 17 cookies... how long could it posisbly take to eat 17 cookies? Now I know why I don't like using creative methods to ask girls on dates.

    In case you don't recall, on Tuesday, I asked Sally if she would go to the Heritage Invitational with me. Erin (her roommate) seemed pretty convinced that I should find some creative way of asking her, instead of just calling her up and asking if she'd like to go. Of course, that meant that I had to think of something that I could do that would be cute and creative and all that BYU jazz. My friend, Rachel, was kind enough to help me out by giving me the suggestion of making cookies to go with the invitation. So... I made cookies, put a note on a plate asking her to the invitational, and stacked the cookies on top of the note. This was a day and a half ago. I'd be willing to bet that the plate was empty within 12 hours... 5 roommates, 17 cookies... no time at all. Besides, she only had to eliminate maybe 6 of the cookies before she saw the note. 36 hours later, but still no reply.

    You see, if I'd just called her up and asked her "hey, you wanna go to this dance on Friday?" then she would've answered me on the spot, or at least told me that she'd have to check if she had something else planned (that's when the girl hangs up the phone and calls all her friends to find an excuse to be out of town on Friday night). But this way, if she feels so inclined, she can ignore the invitation until saturday morning, and call at that point and say that she is so sorry to have missed it.

    In reality, I'm fairly certain that she should have found it by now. So the question is why there hasn't been an answer yet. Most people would say that it's because she's trying to think of a creative way to answer. Unfortunately, I've had a girl wait four days to tell me that someone else had already asked her (or did it take four days for somebody else to ask her??). At this point, it's too late to call another girl, because it will be the day before the big dance.

    I've decided that the only reason why guys even play along with the game of asking creatively is simply because they're afraid to see the initial reaction. Plus, it's dang hard to ask a girl out... what if she says no right in your face? At least if you ask creatively, by the time you get to the point that you actually do the asking, you've already hit the point of no return and you actually have to ask her. She knows once she sees the flowers, or cookies, or big sign, or whatever... that you're asking her out. On the phone, however, it's too easy to call her up and change your mind at the last minute and ask her if she went to the last devotional (yeah, it was an amazing speaker, wasn't it... well, I was just wondering if you happened to take any notes on it, because I forgot to bring a pad of paper. No? Oh, too bad. Well, I'll try calling John, maybe he took notes). Whatever, you know what I mean... there's no point of no return.

    Cookies anybody? They need to be eaten... Jo-Pete wants a date with Sally.