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    "Freshman Effort" reply, cookies, President Hinckley  echo $newRAM;
    added Tue March 18 2003 at 10:36 PM
    Ahh... Tuesdays are most interesting days. On Tuesdays and Thursdays, the Daily Uni-Farce (otherwise known as the Daily Universe) prints the letters to the editor. I just got done reading them. I made it through until the last one and was very dissappointed. All the opinions expressed were well thought, well presented, and reasonably open-minded. Such a letdown for BYU letters to the editor. Often, half the letters are closed-minded and irrespectful, providing some entertainment for the readers. Of course, I don't mean to imply that BYU students are always narrow-minded. The letters to the editor just tend to be people who are overly offended by (blank) happening to (blank). Great fun, since it's often the radicals on either spectrum who get the most offended.

    Of course, after all that discourse, I'm naturally going to talk about the last letter to the editor that I read. It was in almost full form for a Universe letter. It might be best to go ahead and read it before you read my remarks... so that you can form your own opinions, and respectfully reply. Or irrespectfully disagree. I don't care, as long as you leave comments. Okay, enough plug for the comment field... on to the BYU mor(m)ons...

    Somehow, the author of this letter seems to think that all the people who oppose an Iraqi invasion are (first) Freshmen, (second) unpatriotic, and (third) ignorant. Hold on... is everybody against the war in Iraq a Freshman? That seems to be the main point of his article, but I don't even know that many Freshmen, and I know plenty of people who are opposed to the war. That's just complete misrepresentation of the anti-war populace. I can't even think where he got such an idea.

    As for being unpatriotic, has anybody thought that maybe it's unpatriotic to *not* question "our elected officials' decision"? I'm not saying go against everything, but the only way democracy works is if the leaders are under scrutiny. I say this somewhat hypocritically (understatement)... I generally don't bother to find out enough of what's going on to form a full decision on matters. I admittedly am not the best patriot I've ever met. But how can he say that "they don't support our military"? As a child, I hated the prospect of going to war BECAUSE I supported the military. My dad almost had to go when I was a child. Of course, once the decision is made to go to war, I will never say anything bad against the men in uniform. Does that mean rushing blindly into war? Most certainly not.

    I would have him know that I stand taller than anybody on campus when I hear the national anthem at 5:30. I am a military brat, even though my dad left the army while I was young. I was in Jr ROTC in high school. I would be in the Air Force, were it not for my asthma. I love my country more than he could ever imagine. But loving my country has nothing to do with wanting to go to war. I hate the idea of war.

    With that said, perhaps I should clarify... I'm not anti-war, either. As I stated above, I don't have enough valid information to form a full opinion. There is no doubt in my mind that Saddam Hussein is an evil man. I just don't know for sure that war is really the best option. Unfortunately, now it's the only option.

    I think perhaps I should actually write a letter to the editor in reply... Sign my name to the morons that write because they're offended by everybody else... heh

    17 cookies shouldn't take too long to eat... should they? I finally got around to asking Sally to Heritage Invitational today. I baked a plateful of cookies and put them on top of a note asking her to accompany me to the dance. I'm pretty sure that she got the plate (Erin said that she did), but so far, I've no clue if she's even found the question yet. Part of the problem of caving into BYU's concept of asking creatively is that it takes **forever** to get a reply. Alas, I don't care how long it takes, as long as the answer is the same... "YES"???

    President Hinckley spoke in devotional today. The entire campus assembled to come listen to him speak. The Marriott Center was more full than I've ever seen it. Devotional starts at 11. I went at 8. I hear that some people went as early as 6. Rumor has it that a few people spent the night. Unfortunately, he did not come to adress us as much as to release President Bateman and "nominate" a new president for the university. I knew that when he was introduced as the President of the Board of Trustees of the University that it was more business than religion. But I guess that it was still a significant event... and should be remembered. At any rate, I got to see the prophet... I have live pictures... yeah, I guess I've caved in to the mormon pop culture. I only wish that he had fed us more spiritualy...