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    Brother Merrill, Saturday, tomorrow, green ribbons.  echo $newRAM;
    added Mon March 17 2003 at 11:03 PM

    It looks like I've got a few things to talk about. It's partially my fault, I'd meant to make an entry yesterday about Saturday, but didn't. I'm sure that both of my dedicated readers were upset that nothing's been updated for a few days...

    Anyway, jumping right in. I think I'm going to restructure it a little bit from the subject line, make it more chronological... That'll help me remember things easier, methinks.

    Saturday was the dansport competition for my Dance 280 class (social dance, second year). We competed swing. I had told Jasmine, my partner, that I would be there at 10:15, but I totally forgot to set my alarm. I woke up at about 10:40, and (with a little boost from Jacob, my roommate, who gave me a ride and saved me another 5 minutes) I made it there before 11:00. I still felt sorry for Jasmine... I felt really bad for being late. Anyway, it did turn out well, because I got there about the perfect time before we actually were slated to compete... we practiced for a few minutes, then joined the line to enter the stage. I wish I had more time to give specific details, but since I'm already planning on writing about a ton of other stuff tonite, I'll refrain and just give an overview. We made it to the quarterfinals (the fourth round) before we got cut. The next round only had ten people in it (as compared to 29 in our last round), so it was a pretty logical place to get cut anyway. It was so much fun, though. Of course, it doesn't hurt that Jasmine is incredibly cute, and a great dancer. I had to feel just a little bit sorry for her that she was dancing with me, because I can't help but think she could've gone further with another partner.

    My class did pretty well overall, too... Emily got first, Jessica got fourth, and Ashley got 7th. Of course, I only know the girls' names, because I don't ever dance with the guys in class... But it was great fun. Heh... I couldn't help but think that it would be really great if I were able to go out with her... she has so much energy and life, and (as I said before) is an absolute darling. I invited her to go to lunch with me, but she had to go home and babysit for her sister or something like that. Alas, I don't really know her well enough to try again... but it's all good...

    I've found a new hero... my Book of Mormon professor, Brother Merrill. I don't particularly like his class, because I think that his tests drive away the spirit, but the man himself is a wonder. In class today, we got off subject twice, and both times, I found myself wanting to be like him. First, we somehow got on the topic of the war and the UN. Now, I don't personally totally agree with his opinion that the UN is the most evil, foulest secret combination on the face of the earth, but his opinions on Iraq seemed logical and well-informed. I, unfortunately, can't seem to figure out what to believe, and what to want in Iraq. I simply get this feeling of dread in the pit of my stomach that we're all headed down a horrible path, and there's greater things at work than what I can see. He, on the other hand, took a radical position and was able to defend it.

    The second time that we strayed somewhat off topic (not totally, because he was trying to make a point) was when he was reading to us out of his journal. He explained how he had a list of 28 girls that he dated in one semester, and told us the story of his meeting his wife... apparently, they had dated a little bit, and then he kept moving on. about 8 months later, he was struck with th knowledge that he should marry the girl, and he proceeded to explain the awkwardness of going on two more dates with his current girlfriend who had come down to visit him for the weekend. Then he proceeded to explain how he told her that he was in love with her, and that (even though he didn't want to rush things), he only had nine days before he graduated. Would taht ever happen to me? I hope not. But the fact that he was that outgoing... and the fact that he was so dedicated to writing in his journal... puts my meager RandOMnesS to shame.

    Green ribbons... ah, green ribbons. I was talking with Erin (Dayley) late last night on MSN, and we were talking about the fact that today's St. Patrick's Day. I don't remember how it happened, but I decided that I would get green ribbon to put in her hair and in Sally's hair (Sally's her roommate, that I'm planning on asking to Heritage Invitational for this Friday). I, unfortunately, didn't get to see Sally all day today (I dropped the ribbon of with Erin, and she claims that Sally wore it, but I never saw it). I wanted to take pictures... Partially cause Sally's cute, and yeah... Green ribbon... brings me to the conclusion that I still am at that point in my life that I really like cute girls... and ribbon in their hair just makes them all the cuter. Hmmmm...

    On to tomorrow, and then SLEEP... Tomorrow, President Hinckley is coming to speak to us. He wasn't originally scheduled to speak to us, but he requested the opportunity to fill in for the speaker that was scheduled. Naturally, his request was granted. Nobody knows for certain why he's coming to talk to us. There are various rumors floating around... that he plans to release President Bateman, or that he plans to speak on the situation in Iraq. All that I know, is that it makes me somewhat apprehensive. There's something going on... something that I can't quite place a finger on... something much bigger than what I can fully comprehend. Between the war starting sometime in the next two days, and a surprise visit from the prophet tomorrow... these things don't seem like coincidence. Something... something's going to be happening soon. I'd almost prefer if I were wrong, though. Because I don't think it's necessarily going to be good. Alas, I prophecy doom without the power nor the authority to prophecy at all. To sleep... tomorrow will come, whether I want it or not, so let it come willingly, and I pray that I'll have the strength and courage to survive it.