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    <><><><>  echo $newRAM;
    added Thu March 13 2003 at 12:22 AM
    <You probably think I've gone mad>

    <And you might be correct... minor curses on programs that think they are smarter than you.>

    <Of course, the curses should start with stupid HTML codes... but perhaps I should start at the beginning, without the <>>

    I just finished writing the last entry (caps locks), and I assumed that everything was okay... I checked back a couple minutes later to make sure that it had posted correctly (it always does, but I'd hate for there to be an exception without my realizing). At first, I just glanced at it, and I'm like "sure, everything's okay" Then I took a second look and realized that it was missing a few punchlines (not that it was really that funny to begin with). I took a look at why they were missing, and realized that in HTML, <> sets off code language, so anything enclosed in <> is not printed on the page. That was my fault, so I went to fix it. I still wanted the <>, so instead of the <>, I put in the HTML code to make those (lets see if I can write it without it just making one... (& followed by lt; or gt;) . Simple solution to a complex problem, eh? EXCEPT NOT!!!

    First complaint I've ever had against Greymatter... when I put in the appropriate code, it parsed off the code and converted it back to <>!!! Obstinate little booger that it was... but I really wanted the <>, cause I thought it was funnier that way, y'know? So gosh darn it, I'm gonna **make** it give me the <>. The first thing I thought of was to go into the code for Greymatter (it's all open source, so I could've done it, but I would've ran the risk of messing something else up). Then I'm like... y'know, it's just not worth that much, maybe I'll just put it in a nice set of braces ({}) or brackets ([]).... that'd work about the same... and then it hit me... I knew how to outsmart it <and there was much rejoicing>!! I'd seen it before, when I tried to write another piece of code that included an &. In the earlier case, it had parsed it out and placed in | A M P |... (don't know how that will show up...). So... long story short... I outsmarted the computer<><><><><>:D


    <And there was much rejoicing>


    <P.S.... further issues, the stupid program can't make up its mind... I had assumed I needed to put the special code I described above into the title, but no... it expected me to just put in "<>"... <explitives removed in order to keep site mom-friendly>>