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    apologies, stake conference, new site  echo $newRAM;
    added Sat March 08 2003 at 6:08 PM
    Lets start by apologizing to all (estimated) 3 of you that actually read this... Two days in a row, there hasn't been an entry. Combination of reasons... nothing going on, not remembering until about 330 AM, etc... at any rate, I'll try to do better.

    We had the "adult session" of stake conference this evening (I just got back from it). Wow. amazing. Elder Eyring spoke. I don't usually take notes in meetings (even though I should), but thankfully I thought ahead to bring paper and pencil to jot down a few things... I absolutely love hearing Elder Eyring speak to (comparatively) small assemblies. I say comparatively because I think that there were about 1000 in attendance, as compared to General Conference when he speaks to the whole world. He told lots of amazing stories about himself, and everything... but the most important part was that when he spoke, there was no doubt that he was a man of God... As part of his talk, he gave a couple things that he figured would be hard for us to do. His reasoning was that we would grow closer to Christ. The powerful aspect was that for each of these things, he offered a promise. And this is a promise that you simply must believe... a promise from an apostle of the Lord. I wish it were possible to get a transcription of the talk, but then at the same time, I wonder if I would've paid as much attention. Tomorrow is the general assembly of Stake Conference (the same people will probably be there, since our entire stake fits in the category of the adults). I hope that Elder Eyring speaks again, but if he doesn't, I at least hope and pray that I can have as powerful of an experience.

    Last topic... new site. I'm working on figuring everything out with the new site, including the transfer of RandOMnesS to the new site. In reality, that's the only part that is at all tricky... and I will hopefully be adding a feature. I want to be able to post all my old papers, poetry, etc... and also leave room for comments on each of them. The easiest way I can think of to do that is to use the same program as I use for RandOMnesS (GreyMatter), but I'm afraid that I can only have one version of GreyMatter running at once. I'm thinking of a few possible alternatives, one of which is me asking David for a second subdomain to put my school stuff. Hopefully everything will be up and running within a week. I was going to work on that today, but I slept in. Okay... off to dinner. I'm starved.