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    BoM paper  echo $newRAM;
    added Thu March 06 2003 at 2:19 AM
    So... I was making an entry just a few minutes ago about a Book of Mormon paper that I wrote on Monday and got back today... and I realized that I didn't currently have Microsoft Word installed on my computer (because I reformatted the hard-drive on monday night). So I'm like... oh. I should reinstall Word, so that I can change the document to HTML format easier, so I can put a link to it right here. And then I realized "wait a minute... where is the paper saved?". Well, as I said not 30 seconds ago, I reformatted my harddrive on monday night. Also perviously mentioned... guess when the paper was written. Monday. Would anybody like to take a guess as to when I backed up all my old files so I wouldn't lose anything when I reformatted my harddrive? Well, the point is, it wasn't Monday. So now, I'll retype it to share it. It's a good thing I got it back today, eh?

    And the cherry on top of it all is that I just wrote about a paragraph on me talking to my prof about the paper, and I lost it when the computer restarted for the installation of Word. Computers are such fun. hehehe. Here, I was planning on writing a couple paragraphs about the armband wars at BYU. Now I'm gonna be too tired. Maybe tomorrow. Anyway... my BoM paper...

    My teacher usually leaves comment on papers, but because he had surgery recently, he can't use his right arm for a while. Because I wrote what I thought was a decent paper (read it, decide for yourself, leave a comment), I wanted to ask him what he thought about it. So I went up after class, and a couple rather cool things happened. First of all, he knew who I was (probably because of the picture role that BYU provides the profs). And the paper must have been at least somewhat memorable (or he has semi-photographic memory, which is always a possibility), because when I asked him what he thought about my paper, he didn't even have to look at the paper before he started talking about it. I was like... wow. That's cool... He asked what my major is, and when I said it was Engineering, he said that he would have guessed english or something. Of course, anybody who knows me knows that I HATE writing assignments, so that was kind of funny. But the point is that he was thoroughly impressed with it. Either that, or he tells everybody that their paper was wonderful. I'd tend to believe it, though, since he actually remembered that paper and had something in specific to say about it. In the end, though, the important thing is that it seems to get the intended point across. so, read it for yourself, leave a comment, tell me what you think.