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    Sleep...  echo $newRAM;
    added Mon February 24 2003 at 2:04 PM
    Tip for today...

    Don't fall asleep in a class with only 6 students. I'm very tired today (it was a long weekend, without much sleep), and I was trying my best to stay awake in class. I think that I made it for most of it, but I don't remember class **ending**... the first thing I remember was the professor tapping my desk, and looking up to see the last of the students walk out the door. Oh my, I felt like an idiot. As I said, there's only 6 students in the class... It was obvious that they knew I was asleep, because I heard them laughing as they walked out. It makes me wonder how much they had been talking about me before I woke up. I think tonite I should make an effort to go to bed early, eh?

    I've been talking with David... I've not decided yet whether I will be mailing the computer down to him, or going to the BYU bookstore's computer section. I'll keep you updated...

    Also, with computer stuff and David... I will soon be changing the adress to this site... David said he would be willing to give me a subdomain of his internet domain... probably the site will be changing over to (or something like that)... there's various advantages... not going into details for today... off and running, gotta run some errands...


    Opinions and Roommates and Two Tickets (and, of course, computers)  echo $newRAM;
    added Mon February 24 2003 at 10:07 PM
    A little bit of everything this evening, it would seem...

    I was talking with Ganon this evening (my roommate), and was telling him about my classmate that got offended when I stated that the U.S. tends to be tyranical in their foreign affairs. Not that I think that we're always in the wrong (because it's **usually** good things that we do), but that we often force other countries into doing things they don't want to do simply because we think it's right. Jacob (another person in our apartment) also seemed offended by the comment, and by the fact that Ganon tended to agree with me. His line of logic is that we shouldn't criticize our leaders or our government. We both disagreed with him, and he got defensive and said that he was allowed to have his own opinions (or something like that)... when Ganon asked whether he was offended by the fact that we express our opinions, he didn't answer. End point is... he seems to think that only he is entitled to his own opinion. At one point in the conversation, he tried to say that because we're not God, we can't judge what the nation is doing. Personally, I would tend to think that because the nation is built of us-- its people--, we have the responsibility to judge where the nation is standing...

    Ok... moving on, cause I've got a couple more things to say, and you're probably rather bored (of course, if you want to hear more on any topic, leave a comment...

    Two tickets to the Utah Symphony. I bought two tickets to the Utah Symphony this Thursday, and I asked Erin if she'd like to go... Cause I really wanted to go with her. She, unfortunately, has a class on thursday evenings. Part of me wonders, though, if it had been another night, would there have been something else? Now I have a bit of a predicament. I definitely want to go to the Utah Symphony... because it's the Utah Symphony, and I've wanted to go for a year and a half, and now I have tickets. But on the other hand, I want to go on a date, but I've noticed that if I don't go with the first girl I wanted to go with, I spend the entire time wishing I was with someone else. And unfortunately, I really did buy the tickets thinking that I would go with Erin. Usually, when I plan on going to something, I plan on going with one of three or four girls, so I have four times as much chance of finding someone I really want to go with. Not that I *don't* want to go with whomever I go with, I just would rather go with... Erin.

    So... two tickets to Utah Symphony. tomorrow I try to find a date. And I hope that I don't get turned down too many times. I think if I get told no more than three or four or five times, I'm giving the tickets to Ganon... he's planning on going on a date on Thursday anyway... tomorrow. Tomorrow Jo-Pete gets a date.

    I incontrovertably proved to myself that my computer problem is a hardware problem (I knew that before, but didn't *prove* it). I made an MS-DOS boot disk on Abe's computer, checked to make sure that it works on another computer, and then ran it on mine. It worked for a little while... started up, gave a prompt line, etc... and stopped. Such is my computer, such is life. Tomorrow, I'm going to call David, tell him that it'll cost me $45 to run the diagnostic at the repair center, and see if he thinks it'd be better to pay to ship it to him. I really, really really want my computer back. I'm tired of borrowing my roommate's computer, and I feel like a bum.... and I can't do a lot of the things I can do on my own computer. The only reason why I can update RandOMnesS is because I changed over to the GreyMatter... otherwise, I'd have to update it at the computer lab (which is even more annoying). anyway... tomorrow. Tomorrow Jo-Pete fixes his computer.