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    On Airlines and Math Tests... (and of course, Computers)  echo $newRAM;
    added Fri February 21 2003 at 2:15 PM
    I don't know whether to be happy that my math test was extended an extra day until tuesday, or upset because it was extended an extra day until tuesday.

    Perhaps I should first explain why I should be happy. It's kinda obvious, because I've always been a bit of a procrastinator... One more day to complete the test is one more day that I don't have to take it. Beyond that given, there's the fact that if it wasn't extended until Tuesday, I'd have to be taking it right now, and I'm exhausted... You may note that yesterday's entry was submitted rather late at night... In fact, it thinks that it was today's submission. I was at Josh's house until I think about 3 AM... more on that later. Not only am I exhausted, but I'm up against a time pressure... I have to meet my friend to get a ride to SLC at 600... three hours from now. Thee hours might seem like plenty of time to take a math test, but one can never know until one is done taking the test exactly how long it's going to be. I don't want to have to rush through the test and get a slightly lower score on it. So, because the test has been extended until Tuesday, I'm going to take it either monday night (that's my first preference, if I'm ready) or Tuesday after devotional.

    Now, I shall explain why extending the test would make me upset. This is where the airline story comes into play. As you may know, I'm leaving today to go to Mesa. I knew about a month ago that I was going to be going to Mesa this weekend. I also knew about a month ago that I had a math test this weekend, so I had to be in town on Friday (definitely wouldn't want to wait until Monday, and risk getting stuck in Phoenix or SLC an extra day, especially since I still don't know how I'm getting from SLC to Provo... either by bus or by uncle). If I had known when I purchased the airline tickets that I would be able to take the test on Tuesday, I would've left Thursday morning, because then I wouldn't have missed very much (relative to the bonus of getting to be at Grandma's for two extra days). So now, I have a weekend where I spend a large portion of time in transit from here to Grandma's, and I could've had two extra days... Is that clear? I dunno... if you don't get it, just say something, I'll clear it up.

    Bottom line is... extending the test is good, but I wish that I'd've known about it a month ago.

    Back to the computers... I was up until about 3 AM working on my computer... The bottom line after working with Josh is that we don't know exactly what's wrong. Great conclusion, huh? But we did make some progress... We think there's a good possibility that the problem is caused by the fan not working... When I get back, I'll try putting a new (or used and functional) fan on the processor. The problem with this solution is that even if the original problem was caused by a bad fan, if the motherboard's been permanently damaged, then I need a new one. so... I'm in about the same spot as I was the last I talked about it... there's a strong possibility that I will have to buy an almost new computer... of course, I'll salvage everything I can from mine (like the CD-RW and the 40GB hard drive), but it still seems like a horrible drain of money. Ah... the story of computers.... a horrible drain of money. Estimated cost right now? $20 (if a new fan fixes it) - $300 (hey... if I have to buy a new processor, might as well get more RAM, right? and a new video card... and a better sound card... and...).