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    Valentine  echo $newRAM;
    added Fri February 14 2003 at 6:05 PM
    Ahhh,,, Valentine`s Day... what to say, where to begin? First topic... Flower Math...

    I guess somewhere along the way, I neglected to take the ever necessary Flower Math 101. I`ve made it through several years of calculus, and I do fine in my differential equations, but today... just today, I learned flower math. If you think you are well versed in the subject, stay tuned... the latest findings are rather unusual, and (to say the least) most unexpected. If you`ve taken the course from a girl, don`t believe a single thing you learned. This lesson, sadly enough, must be learned from that sage old prof... Experience.

    Recent findings in the research of flower math have determined that the display of happiness is inversly proportional to the number of flowers received. Now, it`s always been known that a girl who receives flowers from a lot of different boys will respond less than one who doesn`t receive any. What was not fully understood until recent discovery was that the more flowers you give a girl, the less happy she is going to act. One research topic that would be most interesting to delve into would be to attempt to determine if this display of appreciation is an accurate representation of how happy the girl really is. Of course, this would be nearly impossible to prove, since the girls don`t seem to know themselves, half the time.

    I`ve learned my lesson, and learned it well... never give a girl more than one flower at a time. Find the best single rose (or daisy) and make it look as presentable as possible, but never bring two. Stop by and give a flower at an unexpected time, but never give more than one in any given week. A single rose stands out, and is cherished and remembered. Multiple flowers blend together, and the whole pile of them gets discarded after the color has faded. A single bud is rejoiced over and smelled a thousand times, and a handful gets a polite smile and a thank you (if you`re lucky).

    I should like to find a girl who has never gotten flowers. That girl, I could make happy. I could make her smile.