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    Another Day  echo $newRAM;
    added Wed February 12 2003 at 12:32 AM
    Another day came, and another day went. I wish that something spectacular had happened today, but it was another day. There will be one tomorrow, I assume. Days like this make it hard to care one way or the other... especially when you`ve got someone on your mind. Of course, I`m not at liberty to say whom, because I have no idea who actually reads this. But if you are reading this, per chance, I miss you already, and I`m such a crazy helpless romantic. If anybody knows that nothing will come of it, then goodness knows I do. But alas. And now that you`re all horribly confused, I digress...

    I find that my most interesting conversations always happen after eleven oclock. It`s not that I don`t like talking to you, Mom... but I find that about the time I`m wanting to make an entry in my random index, people start to talk to me. Of course, this means that I don`t get to make my entry until I`m already braindead, and the reader gets the most unusual tangents. Tonite`s interesting conversation was with Rachel. Yes, it was with a girl... what`d you expect? And yes, I do find myself interested in her, but no, she`s not the source of the earlier confusion. We didn`t talk about much at all. Mostly just the fact that I seem to be falling for a girl that has no possible interest in me (not that it`s really a new topic). Of course, my casual interest in her makes those kinds of discussions interesting... I gotta be careful what I say, y`know? Don`t want to say anything that would take me out of her picture an` all. She`s cool about it, though... doesn`t usually seem to get offended by things I say, and stuff like that. I`ll have to see about getting a picture of her up on the pictures page.

    Ah, well... "I tried so hard, and got so far, but in the end, it doesn`t even matter"... in the end, I must go to sleep, and I think I might be even more confused by the gibberish I just wrote than you are.

    Good night, fair world, and may tomorrw bring another day, so it can come and go again. And after tomorrow, I hope to not drift so much.