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    but you know that it might as well be yesterday  echo $newRAM;
    added Tue February 11 2003 at 11:54 PM
    Okay, I`ll be keeping this short, cause as you can see, it`s getting pretty late. I just feel kinda bad for not writing anything yesterday... so here I sit in the dark, writing a quick entry for all my devoted fans (ha).

    Ever have one of those days where you don`t feel like you`ve really accomplished anything? It`s not just because I was loafing around all day (although some may say that I was). I was trying to be rather productive on my website. As you may have noticed, I added a little javascript thingy for my links. No, I didn`t make that in my java class. I just fought with somebody else`s code. It was supposed to be a lot cooler than it is, and I`m hoping to beat it into submission this weekend. I spent a couple hours trying to set it up the way I wanted it, and for the life of me, it wouldn`t work. I wonder if maybe there`s some small typo in the code... We shall see if I can get it to work sometime in the next while. But for now, I`ll just have to be happy with the features I have conquered. At least now all the data`s inputted. That alone took me a good 35 minutes. But now I can tweak it here and there, and it will be a lot quicker to add future links... more will be forthcoming!!

    Anyway, enough about how much of a geek I am. I did do a couple other productive things today. I took a test. I think I might`ve done decently on it, we shall see. I tried to make dinner for an apartment of girls, but they decided not to come. So here I sit with about 5 extra meals worth of chicken. Ah well. Their loss, right. BTW, thanks for putting up with my constant nagging about how to cook the chicken right, Mom. It turned out decently well. Ganon (my roommate) seemed somewhat impressed, but that is probably partially because he doesn`t seem to cook much for himself. And he also wasn`t comparing it to Mom`s good home cooking.

    Not much to update on "All My Roommates"... same ol` same ol`. Ganon is very actively searching for a date for Valentine`s day, and I`m trying to figure out what family members are in UT this weekend, so I can escape

    Well, peeps... It`s late, and I have class tomorrow. So no more rants from me... at least for tonite.