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    Second Entry  echo $newRAM;
    added Sun February 09 2003 at 6:57 PM
    I have a little bit of time before ward prayer, so I figured I`d write a little something real quick. As I mentioned yesterday, preference is coming up. I wouldn`t have brought it up again this evening, except that my roommate (Ganon) was asked this morning. Now the entire apartment has regressed to a Junior High state. A lot of "I should tell my friend to tell her friend to tell her that she needs to check her email so that she gets the response right."


    But no, I haven`t been asked. I`m not placing bets either way as to whether or not I will be asked. There is a girl that I would like to ask me, but there`s two problems. First, I don`t even know if she`s going, because she was complaining about the cost earlier. Second, I don`t know if I would even be a potential for her to ask... So instead, I busy myself with making bets on which roommate will be asked next.

    My current bet is with Brent. Don`t ask me why... I just think that`s who will be next. As I said already, I don`t even know if I`ll be going. Last semester for preference, I figured I would be going, because I happened to know of a girl that was kinda interested in me (I know, rare occurance). But then she asked another guy. I found out later why she didn`t ask me. Get this for BYU logic: she didn`t ask me because she was interested in me. Welcome to BYU.

    Stay tuned for future installments of "All my roommates"... will Jacob Wan get asked to preference? Which girl is going to ask Kay first? Is Jo-Pete going to leave town for Valentine`s day? Next time...