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    added Sat February 08 2003 at 3:43 PM
    So, yeah... I just figured I should put something up besides my front page to talk about whatever...

    I was told last night that "You just need to stop being so arugumentative." I actually did find this rather entertaining. Who would`ve gussed that *I* was argumentative???

    At any rate, I wasn`t going out of my way to argue... I just don`t see the purpose in me saying that other people are right when I don`t think they are. Perhaps that makes me a jerk, sorry.

    Perhaps I should give a little background to what I was being argumentative about, and let you make your own decisions about whether or not Jo-Pete`s a jerk.

    Preference is next weekend (for those that don`t know what preference is, it is a girls ask guys dance...) I seem to have offended some of the ladies because my policy for the next couple weeks is I am going to ask every prospective date if she went to preference. If she did, cool. If she didn`t, she isn`t going to get pity from me if she complains about not being asked out.

    Not really that big of a deal... I`m just tired of listening to girls complain that they don`t get asked out when they don`t even ask guys to preference. Here comes the sob story... the reason the girl I was talking with claimed I was being too bitter...

    Ladies, I do my part, I ask girls out on a very regular basis (not that it`s a sacrifice for me, I happen to like the ladies (which further upsets some people... another topic for another day)). I`ve never been asked to preference. QUIT THE WHINING, LADIES. Sorry. Couldn`t keep it in. As for those that don`t care if the go on dates, so they don`t ask guys to preference... that`s fine. Just don`t complain to me about not going on dates.

    Well, enough of my pointless ranting (for today, at least).

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