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Show the flag
added Fri May 30 2003 at 3:35 PM
I happened to see the owner of the house standing in his backyard, so I notified him that his flag was laying on his driveway. I figured that the wind must've taken it down from it's perch. I expected that he would be surprised and come to the front of the house to fix the problem, but he casually said something to the effect of "Thanks for telling me, but I put it there while I was painting the house."

Hold it. Rewind.

He said he put the flag there on the ground... It was all I could do to refrain from taking the flag with me, and find it a good place to be on display, or dispose of it properly. Instead, I wrapped it around the pole and set it on the wall lining the driveway. I noticed as I did so that there were several sap marks on it, possibly from lying under a pine tree. It definitely gave me the feeling that he didn't care about how he displayed the flag, as long as he could proudly wave it in front of his neighbors, as if that made him a better citizen.

Bottom line, people: Show the flag respect, or don't show the flag at all.

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