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Boston, Massachusetts to New York, New York
added Mon May 30 2005 at 2:51 PM
Via Hartford, Connecticut. Right now, I'm at David's place. We wandered around New York this morning, and came home to put him to bed (he works the night shift these days... a true night owl). You may notice the incoherencies throughout the post as I watch movies and switch back to writing on and off. I tend to be really good at multi-tasking if all the tasks are on the computer. As soon as you put a TV, phone, or other device in place as a secondary distraction, I find it difficult to maintain attention on the computer. I felt obligated to make an entry about the past few days, though, so I'll attempt to keep enough processing dedicated to make a reasonable account of my weekend's adventures.

The weekend started with a drive to Boston on Friday evening. Jeff (one of my roommates) has a sister there, so we stayed the night at her house. That evening, she took us to MIT and drove us around Boston for a bit. Saturday, we drove downtown and walked around. Crazy how 5 or 6 hours of sites and walking can be summed up in a single sentence. That afternoon/evening, we went to an IMAX presentation of "The Mysteries of the Nile." By the way, definitely worth the six dollars. I ran out of space on my CompactFlash cards (I recently switched to taking RAW images, and they take a *lot* more space), so I stopped by Best Buy and purchused a 4 gig microdrive. After dinner, we went back to Lisa's (Jeff's sister) place for a few minutes before we took off to meet up with a girl that Eric met online.

Elizabeth was kinda cute, and seemed nice enough, but it really was late and we still needed to drive home. Jeff and I walked along and chatted, mostly about computer stuff, and Eric trailed half a dozen steps behind with the young lady. It started sprinkling, and that soon enough became rain. We passed by a house with a box of books labelled as free, and I picked up several really good programming books. By the time we were home, though, we were all feeling rather soaked. A few minutes later, we started home..

Yesterday, I slept in through most of the day and yesterday evening I drove down to my brother's house here in Jersey, near New York. This morning I woke up early and we wandered around the city together. We went down to Ground Zero of the World Trade Center, then continued to see the Statue of Liberty. We then walked through Central Park to see the Manhattan Temple. I took plenty of pictures of everything, of course, and will soon be walking down to the riverside two or three blocks East of here to take pictures of the gorgeous New York skyline that my brother gets to see every day on his way to and from work.

The original plan was to spend some time working on the new JPics solution, but I unfortunately got distracted by the TV (refer above to my statements of being distracted easily). I did bring down all 2,000+ pictures and had David transfer them straight onto the server, so I will not have to upload them when I'm done with my new creations. I'll try to get something put together as quick as I can, but it may be a couple weeks yet.

ep says:
what about all those free books?
posted Sat September 23 2006 at 1:58 PM


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