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Standing dinner invitation
added Sun October 24 2004 at 7:10 PM
I know that there's not very many Utahn's who read this, maybe that's why I'm willing to make such a standing invitation. The way I see it, if you care enough about me to read this, I probably would like to spend more time with you. So I state here and now that if anybody ever wants to come over for dinner, they are more than welcome. I'll give fair warning that the food I eat usually isn't very fancy. In fact, I probably don't eat very well at all.

Unfortunately, I do have to require that reservations be made in advance. I don't keep a very regular schedule (sometimes I'm home all day, other times I'm gone from 740 am to 1130 pm), so you'd have to call ahead and see if I'm home. Just call and say that you'd like to redeem the dinner offer from

What brought this on? Well, this specific time, it's because I invited Coreen and she wasn't able to come (apparently she was at church for long hours). At first I was worried that I'd scared her off, but she returned my call. She was calling from her cell phone, and it was really hard to understand what she was saying. I'm not exactly sure what she said at the end of the conversation, but it sounded something like an invitation to call her and talk whenever I needed to. Unfortunately, I'm not very good at calling people when I need to talk. You can ask my mom about that one...

The other reason why I'm not afraid to make such an invitation is because I know that if it ever gets used too much (not really possible, because I really would like company for dinner), it doesn't really cost very much to make twice the amount of spaghetti. I have *tons* of spaghetti that I bought at extremely low prices. Bring on the dinner guests.

Offer limitted to one free meal per customer per day. Sorry, this offer does not apply to delivery although I am willing to give a ride to and from the eating establishment (namely my house).


mom says:
I am sorely tempted to email this offer to my siblings in Utah...with the hint to take you up on this!!

Just may do it yet.

Could also call Karen and find out if she has any single young nieces (or even nephews) that need a meal.

remember, you are loved...even if I don't join you for spaghetti dinner.
posted Sat September 23 2006 at 1:58 PM


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