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Notice of pictures
added Sat July 10 2004 at 11:16 PM
I intentionally set up my site so that I wouldn't have to do this, but I figured I should probably point out that there are a *lot* of new pictures that I uploaded today. Probably the easiest way to view them is by using the calendar to the left on the frontpage. There were no RAndoMness entries July 1st - 5th, so those are all pictures posted into those days.

Normally, I don't play the game of posting for past days, unless I'm off by an hour or two, because it feels dishonest. I hate when I start reading a weblog because it looks like they update every day based on their calendar, but then you find out they have a bad habit of back-posting. I made an exception in this case, however, for two reasons. First of all, I posted the pictures on the days that they were actually taken. This helps to establish a timeline to associate the pictures to. Second, I didn't want to force somebody to load all 500 thumbnails at one time by putting them in the same date. Now the most pictures on any one day is 200, which is a lot but much more reasonable.

Of course, all the pictures I posted are actually preview images. I'm not going to be posting the full sized images, for my own sanity of upload time, and to be a little bit reasonable with my brother's bandwidth. However, if there are any one or two pictures that you really really want full-sized, let me know. I'll be willing (even happy) to accomodate such requests. As usual, I posted the junky pictures right along with the good ones, and I will be hand selecting several to add to the background pages. These will not show up until October, though, so go ahead and check out the pictures at this point. And leave comments on the pictures. Yes, I am fully aware that I am speeding in the odemeter shots, so don't bother lecturing me on that.

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