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Student Evaluations 4
added Tue April 06 2004 at 6:31 PM
The previous three entries are my reply to specific student's complaints that I received from the student evaluations of the TA's. Today I saw the results of those, and talked with Dr. C (my boss) about them. Unfortunately, it appears that maybe I'm not helping the students as much as I thought I was. I got the lowest scores of all the TA's on "Explanations," "Solution Tech," "Attitude and Courtesy," and "Overall," and one of the highest on "Knowledge." Apparently I'm perceived as the kid that knows it all, but is a snob and a jerk about it. Junior High all over again.

Now, there are a few defenses for a slightly lower score. First of all, most of the students I come in contact with are students who come in to do the homework at the last possible moment. They generally don't care about how to do the problems as much as just getting it done. I can't complain too much about them, because I know that I tend to be the same way quite often, but it is still annoying, especially since I see my job as being more than just writing Dr. C's answer key on the board.

Second, as I already said, I don't just hand out the answers. If somebody asks me a question about a concept, I often will try to backtrack a bit and show them how the current problem can be solved by building on previous concepts. This will quite often take longer than simply writing out the solution for them, which I guess they don't appreciate.

To be perfectly honest, I was surprised at the outcomes. I thought that I was actually reaching a lot of students, and apparently I was mistaken. Maybe I was wrong to assume that I am useful when I'm sharing my knowledge with others. Apparently I could be better substituted by a website that has the solutions posted word-for-word.I dno't see any point in doing that, though.

The bright side is that Dr C seems to think that maybe part of the reason they don't like me is because I don't give out the answers. In fact, he specifically likes that. He told me that I'm welcome to come back over the summer and next semester, although he didn't make any specific effort to try to convince me to stay. I really hope that I do end up getting an internship, just so that I can move on and try something new. Maybe it's time for me to give up trying to help people learn, and start focusing on trying to show people that I'm better than them. Unfortunately, it seems that I can't do either one with any significant success.


big sis says:
jp hang in there with TAing, it's a thankless job and there will always be students that hate you, you can't giv them answers and you can't make them listen, you can't make them better students, and they don't understand any of that, they want you to work miricles, and they want you to make it all good, handwriting is inconsequential, and you can make it a police to refuse to ever write on a black board (I ONLY did at review sesions and only then when I could not get someone else to), bring your own paper and pencil and keep the results. Explain to students as you are back tracking and not giving them answers that that is what you are doing. explain to students who are not allowing you to finish and claim that you are wasting their time that you know more than they do and that if they let you finish you can help them reach the right answers on their own so they can pass exams and then give them the option to leave. I've had kids who left becuase they could not handel me requiring them to put some effort in, and I felt no shame in letting the person who was assigning kids to tutors know that I would not work with that individual again. There's no shame in pointing out to a particularly argumentative student that you've never given them incorrect information and if they don't want to work WITH you and beleive what you are saying and try to understand what you are saying instead of arguing that they can do it their way and fail. some people need a rude awakening, it does not always win you most popular points, but you're helping the kid whether they can see it or not, just like our parents helped us grow into responsible intelligent adults by "being mean" to us
posted Sat September 23 2006 at 1:58 PM

big sis says:
I just read back over that and realized I sounded mean, the nice kids who work hard and try to understand (and probably the kid you tease with) will like you becuase they will know you are only there to help and that you would do anything to help and that you are only human, hang in there, the prof sees that you are doing good, and just becuase some students are difficult, and in a tutor room it often feels like jr high.
posted Sat September 23 2006 at 1:58 PM

mom says:
Hang in there with the job. Just like in Jr. High, you are filling a need that some people really don't want filled...and really do need the help. Education in any area is one of the thankless jobs...customers who don't want to put out effort and just want the information poured into the little brain cavity. You are a good are not there to win a popularity contest but to patiently share the information and knowledge that you have a grasp of with those who are currently floundering. And for many of those you are helping, this may be the first time they are not understanding so they are feeling resentful of even needing to be there! (And guess who gets the brunt of the anger and agitation!!)

posted Sat September 23 2006 at 1:58 PM


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