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Student Evaluations 2
added Tue April 06 2004 at 4:48 PM
"I only had a problem with Jo-Pete. He made me feel like an idiot if I did not understand. He made it hard to go get help from the lab. I am sure others felt the same way and I would not recommend that he be back next semester as a TA."

This is the one that hurt the most. Besides the overall scores, this is the one thing that bugs me the most. I suppose I should probably let it be and assume that it was just one student's opinions, but I do have to wonder if it was an isolated event. As I sit here thinking, there is only one person that I can think of that no matter how much we struggle together, we can't seem to connect.

Part of the reason why I can't seem to make t through to this individual probably stems from a general communication problem. English is not his first language, and so in addition to struggling to find the right method to explain, I have to find the right words that I'm sure he will understand.

That said, I never intend for anybody to feel like an idiot. I do joke with some of the guys that I feel are my friends. Specifically, I give Isaac a hard time a lot because he spends a lot of time getting help and he always has a question for me. We joke back and forth, but it's over-exaggerated and all in good fun. I would never even imply that somebody is stupid, not intelligent, or whatever word you want to use. Even in the math lab where I would run into people who were struggling with basic arithmetic, I always made an effort to be patient and explain it however was necessary.

Apparently my perception is not *always* accurate. I would like to believe that it's a very small but vocal minority (only two or three as opposed to a percentage).

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