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Student Evaluation 1
added Tue April 06 2004 at 4:47 PM
"I have been very dissatisfied with Jo-Pete, he was unable to satisfatory [sic] answer my questions, though he obviuosly understood the problem."

I haven't yet decided which is more frustrating: having a TA that doesn't understand/can't explain a problem, or working with a student that for whatever reason either refuses to or simply cannot understand a concept, particularly when it's a concept that I've used so much over the last several years that it's second nature to me.

This actually doesn't happen very often. The best that I can figure, it must have been one of the few students that I struggle with that made this particular comment. I remember one particular occasion where I was trying to explain a concept, and the student refused to listen to my full explanation. Despite my repeated attempts to relate the concept to the basics that he already understood, he continued to fight against me, saying I was wasting his time. He left in somewhat of a huff, obviously not pleased with the whole situation.

I've news for him... I was not pleased either. I honestly did feel that I could help him if he gave me a chance. This is in contrast to some occasions where I feel inadequate or that I need to brush up on the topic at hand. This time I knew exactly where I was going with it, and perhaps would have changed the direction of attack if I reached the end of the explanation without acheiving my final goal of him completely understanding.

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