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Taking a hint
added Mon April 05 2004 at 10:56 PM
Well, I guess that it's time that I just take the hint.

Yes, this is a continuation of the story of my pathetic love life, so if you don't wanna hear about it, or you only want to know me on a more professional level, then stop reading. However, since this is my personal platform for whatever I want, well, I'll talk about what's on my mind. Instead of making that disclaimer at specific points, perhaps I should make a blanket disclaimer at the top... I'll consider it.

Anyway, a little bit of background since I didn't write about it on Thursday (too much else going on). Wednesday night, I decided that I wanted to go out and do something. So, as I normally do when I get that feeling, I started thinking of what girl to call and do something *with*. The thinking process didn't take long, because as I've already said, I want to spend as much time as possible with Geneil (and Merry). So I called them up and asked if any cute girls wanted to go to Wendy's to get Frosties.

I drive, I buy, they come... Unfortunately, it still managed to backfire on me. I got a call a few minutes after they accept the invitation and Merry's asking if they can bring a friend. I reply, like always, that cute girls are always welcome, even if I don't know them (only somewhat joking...). Well, she answered that it was a guy. That's okay, groups are fun to be with.

Groups are fun to be with until two girls and TWO guys show up on your doorstep. Okay, I can live with this, it's okay if their friends come along...

Of course, it so happens that one of the guys happens to not be afraid to show his interest in Geneil. He kept joking about the fact they were going to get married. I was trying to get together with a couple cute girls that I really enjoy being with, and I end up being a chauffeur for somebody else's double date. For somebody else's double date with girls that I am interested in and that I paid for. I didn't pay for the guys, but when I invite girls out for a snack, I pay.


Okay, so April Fool's, I only really pulled one joke. I took my $7 WalMart ring and got down on one knee to ask Geneil to marry me. Yes, it was a joke. I'm not ready to be married, and I knew she wouldn't seriously say yes. But after she soundly rejected me, she came out and talked with Merry and I. And it was nice to be with the two of them.

I didn't see the two of them again until today. I figured that I'd stop by to see them. Because I like them. I like Geneil "that way" and I like Merry. Well, in all honesty, I spose everybody knows that I've been interested in Merry "that way," too, and probably could be again if there were returned interest. Anyway, I missed them. So I went to see them.

I stood there and talked with Merry in the hallway, Geneil was talking with her family in the kitchen (they're in town for their spring break). Presently, there was a knock on the back and guess who showed up... The guy that I met on Wednesday night. Still joking about the fact they're going to get married.

I guess that it's time for me to take the hint. I stepped out and made a drastic move, knowing full-well that it could very definitely hurt me overall. And it could've been a lot worse, because she's apparently still willing to be my friend. That doesn't make it easier, though, to realize that there's no chance to be more.

I refer again to the disclaimer at the top that if you don't like what I write, deal with it. And I repeat my message that I'm going to write what I'm thinking.

I must say that Geneil's younger sister is rather cute, indeed. A very strong family resemblance, but possibly cuter than her older sister. Half of me says that I should find out how old she is. Logically, she's the next one in the family of several children, so she's probably not more than 2 or 3 years younger than Geneil. Geneil graduated the year after me, but she's a bit older than I am. That would make it so that her sister is probably 17 or 18. The other half of me says that I shouldn't bother for three reasons. First, I know that she's still in High School, which by definition makes her off-limits. Second, it's possible that she's legally jailbait, maybe only 16. Third, I have no reason to believe that I'll see her again anyway.

Methinks I quit on girls for the last couple weeks of this semester. I'll start fresh with a brand new list when summer starts. Ideally, that would mean more time to study for classes. In reality, I know that I liked having someone to turn to at this time of year last year. In conclusion, even though I logically should not bother trying to start any relationships right now, it still hurts to know that I have to take a hint.

mom says:
Sorry the hint was one you did not want to hear. By the way, do not chase after younger sisters! You don't even want to go there. Next semester is right around the corner, and hang on to friends as friends...even if they go and do something dumb like marry someone else.

The day will come when you find a young lady who will appreciate you being a sappy romantic and you will sweep her off her feet...and that is when the real challenge begins. :-)
posted Sat September 23 2006 at 1:58 PM

dude go for it says:
I say, dump the old wench and go for the young blood. I actually went on a date with this gal's younger sister, I'd date the older sister but she's not as interested. The thing was, when i was last in school the younger sister was 16, now she's 18 so we went out, so hey, no biggie, thank heaven for little girls, for little girls get bigger everyday!!! heck ya!!!!
posted Sat September 23 2006 at 1:58 PM


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