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Top Ten Turndowns...
added Wed February 26 2003 at 11:22 PM
A lot of them are rather BYU specific, but there's a few that I'm sure every guy has heard them. I know, that they aren't being mean or anything... but it still makes it rather difficult to find a date. I'm going to Utah Symphony with Ashley tomorrow night...

The sad thing about this list... all but one of them I've either heard myself or I know someone who's gotten it...

10. Shouldn't you be preparing for a mission? aren't girls, like, not allowed?

9. I don't date guys in the ward.

8. I have to wash my hair.

7. Well, actually, I have homework that night. Yeah, it's a Friday, but there's only two days in the weekend.

6. I don't think my fiance would like that very much.

5. That's the time that I go to the gym every day.

4. I prayed about it last night, and I really think that it wouldn't be good for us to go on a date together.

3. I don't date premish (premish means a young man who hasn't gone on a mission yet).

2. I don't date RM's (an RM means a young man who has already gone on his mission).

1. I'm sorry, didn't I tell you yet? I'm married.

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