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Flower Math 102
added Mon March 01 2004 at 9:13 PM
One plus one is three, right? I just don't get girls, I guess.

So I bought a few flowers for Laura on Saturday. She had mentioned something Friday night about having a roommate that always gets flowers and chocolate, and how much it irritates her. This isn't an unusual complaint, I hear it all the time. Usually, I try to counteract this complaint by buying flowers at random times. As I did on V-day, and as I did on Saturday.

I'm extremely confused, though. She came into dance class today, and I figured she'd at least mention them, y'know, like say thank you or something? I danced with her a couple times during class, as I usually do. No mention. No "thanks," no "get a life and leave me alone," no anything.

Finally, at the end of class, I couldn't take the suspense. I asked her if she got the flowers. She said yes, offered an apology that she didn't call (I left a note saying to call if she wanted to practice together), and said a quick thank you.

At least I think she said thank you. I don't specifically remember it. Perhaps it was implicit in the conversation? Let me send a hint to all the ladies out there: Thank you's are *never* implicit.

If a guy goes $5, two miles, and 45 minutes out of his way to pick up three of the most gorgeous roses you've ever seen and writes you a nice note about how wonderful you are, one of two responses are appropriate. Either, you thank him profusely, or you tell him to back the heck off. Maybe a combination of the two. I'll allow for a third option, a huge hug and kiss on the cheek would always be appreciated, never expected. But were the flowers?

I'm pretty straightforward about the whole thing. I like this girl, I like the way she makes me feel when she pays attention to me, I think she's a remarkable young lady and an amazing person. I'm not desperately in love with her or anything like that, so I won't be heartbroken if she's not interested, but I'm tired of confusing signals.

So I'm at an impasse. If I don't try for anything, then all the romantics in the audience will cry out that I'm passing up my chance. If I do make an attempt, then the embittered females cry out that I'm being obsessive and I need to stop harassing the poor girl. Lose lose situation, cause I've already put the ball firmly in her court, and she didn't shoot for either goal.


mom says:
I am not sure whether to apologize for having taught you the manners to send thank-yous...or to grumble that the young lady was not taught to say thank-you. I would guess that you did the unexpected and she is confused...that is probably the kindest way to put it.

Hang in there...don't let frustrating females change you. Sometime, you will find a young lady who will appreciate random acts of kindness with no strings obviously attatched.

Hopefully you still have a dance partner.
posted Sat September 23 2006 at 1:58 PM

cool bro says:
what up? take some advice and just don't worry about girls, eventually they will catch on that you are too cool for them and that is when they will start coming for you. It hasn't started working for me yet but it will eventually:) only negative side is that when you get too cool they try to be all secretive about it and not tell you which I guess doesn't change much from now:)
posted Sat September 23 2006 at 1:58 PM

Merry says:
I guess my only suggestion is happy that you achieved your goal by giving her flowers, and accept the thank you as an added bonus. Some people will always take your kindness for granted, and so it's nice to be surprised when someone appreciates it (not bitter when they don't).

And by the way, I think that I've said thanks to you for all the flowers you've ever given me, but just in case...Thank you. :)
posted Sat September 23 2006 at 1:58 PM


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