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added Fri January 30 2004 at 11:17 PM
Okay, the system is definitely not without it's glitches. I just finished an entry that was probably about 1500 words about the great date I just went on. Unfortunately, I put the wrong entry number and I got an SQL warning saying that it was a duplicate entry. Really, I should create an entry page that will keep track of that kind of thing on its own. Perhaps this weekend. Perhaps I'll just make it so that multiple entries are allowed to have the same entry number. This will throw other wrenches in various gears, but it will at least allow me to fix my mistake instead of throwing the entire entry away.

Unfortunately, after spending 20 minutes writing an entry, I really don't have the motiviation to rewrite it. It simply won't be as good the second time through, because I'll think I already said something, and it will all be very disjointed. So, instead I'll give you a reader's digest version.

A great ending to a happy day is a good date. I ended up tracking down a date to the John Schmidt concert very last minute (Lindsey in 104 said yes, and I was at her front door to pick her up three minutes later). The girl seemed to feel comfortable around me (always makes a guy feel good) and the concert was simply amazing. John Schmidt is a great composer, a wonderful pianist, and a rather entertaining person. The big name of the night may have been John Schmidt, but I think that the star of the show was a singer who's name I've never heard before (and I can't remember what it is). He had the rich, full tones of a bass combined with the raw power and upper range of a tenor. Simply amazing. I was on my feet in a heartbeat after the song was over.

Good date, after a good day. The only thing that I ask for is that tomorrow I have an even better date wih Megan.

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