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Things to do on a bad day
added Tue May 17 2005 at 8:13 PM
  • Go roller blading
  • Take lots and lots of pictures
  • listen to cool new music

Or on days like today, do all three. I managed to live through the day, so after work, I strapped on the roller blades, put the new CD in the CD player (I got the package today), and set out to take a hundred some odd pictures. Note that I was *not* home, so I did *not* work on posting any new pictures.

I really, really like the new CD. A lot of the songs are rather appropriate with how I was feeling today... I bought the CD because they had a cool punk sound, but it's launched its way into one of my favorite albums because of its variety of topics I can relate with. I didn't realize that they're a christian group, but I really like what I'm hearing. Good, clean treatment of real-life depression, remorse, and love issues (not that I know anything about any of that stuff).

Now I really must get to bed so that maybe tomorrow might not be so oh-my-goodness awful.