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A few bumps in the road
added Tue April 19 2005 at 9:52 AM
It looks like the server for has officially been disconnected. Unfortunately, it also looks like a few things didn't get properly transferred over. The stylesheet is completely gone, the picture at the top doesn't seem to be working (not sure if it's something wrong with the php or with the images). At any rate, do not be alarmed. As I explained on the left (where it will permanently (at least while the server's in transit across the country) reside), this temp site is just enough to keep me alive while the plug is pulled.

Of course, if you're new to my site, you have no idea what it normally looks like. My apologies to you, and I hope that you'll consider visiting again sometime when I have everything working again.

Hopefully this doesn't completely kill my search engine rankings. I was rather enjoying seeing people find my random ramblings.

[:EDIT:]It appears that both of the problems noted above are due to my own, shall we say, stupidity. I should be able to fix them very easily when I get home.[:/EDIT:]