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Today's good thing
Sorry I haven't written a new one in a *long* time
added Sun June 27 2004 at 10:09 PM
So there's this new girl in the ward.... Name's Laura, I think. Dang she's hot. Like make-you-happy-that-she-asked-your-name kinda hot.Unfortunately, that's really all the talking we did today. I need to grow up.

Pretty eyes... (there was a reasonable amount of eye contact from across the room)

Okay, I'm rambling. sorry bout dat. It's not like I even have anything real to say... just a casual twitterpation.

But today's good thing is that she *did* ask for my name.

I'm positive
(i5)m: JP
added Sun June 27 2004 at 10:11 PM
It started back in April or May. I had been reading various blogs and saw a cool thing where the person listed a bunch of random things about themself. I decided that this would be cool to do myself. I started writing things down that night, and really didn't do much since then. I kept meaning to flesh out the list and post it as a RAM entry, but it just never happened. Kinda like I still need to create a page saying who, where, what, why, when, and how this site is. Perhaps that will come next.

I don't remember what got me started today. I just decided to finally get it put together. Of course, if I'm going to spend time on this thing, then I'm going to make it easy to update and add to. So instead of making a RAM entry, I wrote a new script. So I saved the frontpage script into a new file, deleted all the code except the formatting stuff (that way I'm sure to make the formatting consistant across the entire site), and started writing. A couple (few?) hours later, I reached a state that I think I will call completion.

I am considering integrating the data into other portions of my site. I may or may not include the latest addition on the front page, and I will probably add a randomly generated entry to the sidebar. After all, the main reason why I went through so much effort to completely rewrite the site was so that I could completely integrate everything. Complete control over all the code makes integrating new features into other parts of the site as easy creating the new features to begin with.

Short entry made even shorter: head on over to the about page and check it out. Let me know what you think of style/formatting/etc.