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comment spam
added Thu June 10 2004 at 11:31 PM
I feel so official. Today I got my first comment spam. All the popular blogs have it, so it's kinda nice to have some of my own. I think I'll leave it up to commemorate this happy occasion.

Photo-op of the year.
added Thu June 10 2004 at 11:42 PM
As I mentioned yesterday, I got the camera today. I was at the library about noon (I wasn't allowed to pick it up until 11:30) signing it out. It had been raining/sprinkling/threatening to rain most of the morning, so I brought an umbrella just in case. I definitely did *not* want to get caught in a rainstorm with the camera and no protection from water.

While at the library, it started *pouring*. I haven't seen rain come down this hard in probably a couple years (we've been in a drought for somewhere between 5-10 years now). I'm sure that I"ve been in some monsoons that were more intense, but let it suffice to say that it was raining for real.

The library has kind of a cool glass atrium for an entrance, to accomodate the add-on they put underground north of the old library. It's really nifty because it lets in warm sunlight during the winter. I stepped out of the old library into the atrium and looked at the water streaming down the glass panes. Waterfalls trickling before my eyes. I handed the camera to sercurity to get past the security check, and sat down on the ledge to open the camera. A rainstorm like this *had* to be photographed and shared.

As I opened the camera, I realized that I didn't have my CompactFlash (TM) card with me. [Curses]. I guess I'll have to leave it to my inadequate words to express the sheer beauty and magnificence of the scene displayed before me. I opened the umbrella and stepped into the torrent began walking to my car through the quarter-inch (deeper in a lot of places) lake on BYU campus.

Photo-op of the year was missed because of CompactFlash (TM) and my forgetfulness.

I'll post the rain pictures I got later.