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Flower Math 102
added Mon March 01 2004 at 9:13 PM
One plus one is three, right? I just don't get girls, I guess.

So I bought a few flowers for Laura on Saturday. She had mentioned something Friday night about having a roommate that always gets flowers and chocolate, and how much it irritates her. This isn't an unusual complaint, I hear it all the time. Usually, I try to counteract this complaint by buying flowers at random times. As I did on V-day, and as I did on Saturday.

I'm extremely confused, though. She came into dance class today, and I figured she'd at least mention them, y'know, like say thank you or something? I danced with her a couple times during class, as I usually do. No mention. No "thanks," no "get a life and leave me alone," no anything.

Finally, at the end of class, I couldn't take the suspense. I asked her if she got the flowers. She said yes, offered an apology that she didn't call (I left a note saying to call if she wanted to practice together), and said a quick thank you.

At least I think she said thank you. I don't specifically remember it. Perhaps it was implicit in the conversation? Let me send a hint to all the ladies out there: Thank you's are *never* implicit.

If a guy goes $5, two miles, and 45 minutes out of his way to pick up three of the most gorgeous roses you've ever seen and writes you a nice note about how wonderful you are, one of two responses are appropriate. Either, you thank him profusely, or you tell him to back the heck off. Maybe a combination of the two. I'll allow for a third option, a huge hug and kiss on the cheek would always be appreciated, never expected. But were the flowers?

I'm pretty straightforward about the whole thing. I like this girl, I like the way she makes me feel when she pays attention to me, I think she's a remarkable young lady and an amazing person. I'm not desperately in love with her or anything like that, so I won't be heartbroken if she's not interested, but I'm tired of confusing signals.

So I'm at an impasse. If I don't try for anything, then all the romantics in the audience will cry out that I'm passing up my chance. If I do make an attempt, then the embittered females cry out that I'm being obsessive and I need to stop harassing the poor girl. Lose lose situation, cause I've already put the ball firmly in her court, and she didn't shoot for either goal.