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added Sun February 15 2004 at 10:17 PM
I figured a brief explanation would be appropriate for the new side-bar feature entitled "Good Things" (I'll be thinking about a better title, any suggestions will be considered).

I got an envelope from my mom a couple days ago, and contained therein was a huge card and a circular pad of paper with a smiley face on the cover. The note written across the first three pages is as follows:
Dear Jo-Pete--

Here's one of Mom's silly suggestions... Give it a try 'cause it sure won't hurt [and it just might help:) ]

So, every [each] day I want you to find [search, look for.] one good thing in your life. It can be as simple as a smile from a passing stranger, or a new little flower peeking out of the snow, or the beauty of a spider's web [without the spider of course]. Maybe a thought from devotional or class, a favorite scripture or looking up happy/joy scripture.

No 2 days alike... and no "I survivied" comments :) This litte book has about 60 pages... and 2 months could make a habit (or at least get you thru winter and into sunny spring days w/ all it's beautiful sights.

This way you have a physical reminder that life isn't all bad (and you might start seeing more than one thing daily]

Remember, you are a loved person.

So, I decided that as long as I'm keeping this record, I might as well share it with other people. Every day, I will add a new word or short phrase of something good in my life. Some, I may explain, some will just be left to your imagination. Any explanations will go in RAndoMness, and a link will be added. This will not be a place for essays or long commentaries, rather a brief statement of reality.

Please leave your suggestion for a good name of this section.