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Nothing, nothing at all
added Fri May 02 2003 at 11:47 PM
"Whatcha up to?



Nothing at all.

Very impressive."

I hope David doesn't mind me quoting from our conversation. It seems to fit the past week. I did an impressive amount of, well... nothing. I hate to spoil the moment by telling the world that David was the one who was doing nothing during this conversation, but nonetheless, the statement still stands. I full-well planned on being home last Sunday. Unfortunately, plans change, with or without me. I was in Utah a few days longer than I planned. Of course, I hadn't specifically planned on doing much more than nothing this week anyway. In fact, I had a VERY productive week of doing nothing this past few days. I had kept intending on visiting my Grandma and Uncle Barry in Salt Lake this past semester, but I kept getting distracted (blond hair, and best of all, it boings:D). This last week, there weren't any distractions. So... I went up to Salt Lake. I didn't get to spend very much time with either one of them, but it was good to see them at least.

More productive nothingness was practicing piano. I found a piece that my mom really likes (I can't tell you what the piece is yet, because I'm surprising my mom either tomorrow or Sunday), and I was planning on practicing the last few days I was in Provo. Fortunately, I kept getting distracted (hey, she's cute, okay? And it was our last week together). As I've already said, my Uncle George has a fairly nice piano. I played for hours and hours, and I think I'm almost ready to perform. Well, ready or not... I think I'd be fine if I weren't also required to sing for it. It gets confusing when I play piano and sing at the same time. Enough whining.

Reading. Lots of nothingness reading. I read three books in four days. Probably would've read more, but I was in Salt Lake one day, and I was also trying to help my Aunt and Uncle wherever possible (they were working on getting out the door on their way to Spain).

Now I begin to look for a job.

When nothingness comes to an end, what is left?