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added Wed March 26 2003 at 11:43 AM
[below is a reply to an email my sister forwarded to me]

You know that it's a big issue when even BYU is talking about it. Here in
the bubble, a debate has been going on about armbands... people wearing
armbands opposing war, and a few in response wearing it for war. Why is it
that so many people have to be either for war or against our leaders and our

I watched a little bit of the news before class one day, because my
professor had CNN playing on the projector. As I watched the missiles fly
overhead, spreading death and destruction, I couldn't help but flinch, 7149
miles away. I looked around to see if my peers echoed any of the pain, and
to my surprise, the only emotion I found if any at all were a few people
grinning like a kid on Christmas morning. My only explanation is that they
must be completely removed from the reality that this is real, and not an
advertisement for the latest PlayStation 2 game.

I haven't watched the news since, and haven't made any effort to keep up
with what's going on. When it's over, I'm sure somebody will tell me. I
don't want to revel in other people's broken lives.

However, this doesn't mean that I oppose the war or criticize my leaders.
All I can do is pray that our leaders are doing the right thing. I hope
that the war ends even faster than it started. I don't personally think
that the war is justified, or right, but I also don't think that it's being
led by United States oil families. Either way, I will never speak out
against our military, because as long as there are brave men and women who
swear by the constitution of this country, this country stands a chance.

I've said before ( ) that I
would do anything to support my country and I still say it. Shame on those
that claim that any who support their country are ignorant. Perhaps they
should pull their head out of the sand.