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UTA (Utah Transit Authority-- public transit)
added Wed February 19 2003 at 12:47 AM
One of the latest hot topics on BYU campus is whether or not it is right for BYU to raise the fees for parking permits in order to subsidize a free UTA pass for all students. The increase would be from about $15 to $60 (at least I think that's how much it would be, correct me if I'm wrong), and all BYU students would be able to ride UTA for free with their student ID. They already have it so that BYU students can ride free this year, but the funding was paid for by some kind of grant. With that background given, shall we begin?

My favorite days to pick up the Daily Universe are on Tuesday and Thursday... that's when they run the letters to the editor. The fun of the letters to the editor is that you get to laugh at all the people who write crazy stuff just to get published, and laugh even harder at the people who seriously believe the crazy stuff they write. Unfortunately, the Daily Universe inadvertantly ran the same letters to the editor two times in a row... Fortunately, there was a couple really stupid ones. The worst one was a letter protesting the increase in parking permit rates in order to cover the cost of the free UTA. The entire letter can be read here, unless the Daily Universe takes it down.

The complaint was on the grounds that it is unfair for BYU to offer a service and then send the bill to the students who don't use it (obviously, those with cars who need the parking permits won't be needing the free busses). He stated that it is much like buying a hamburger and sending the bill to the Vegan Club. What **really** got me, though is when he said that we should also refuse to pay our tuition, and send that bill to someone else. He suggests that we send the bill to the Amish, but I suggest another alternative. How about we send the bill to, say, tithing paying members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints? Oh wait... we already do send **70%** of the bill to them...

In reality, what BYU is doing is a great thing from every standpoint. At any capitalistic university, they would raise the price of the parking permits (because they can... they're dirt cheap right now) and expect those that can't afford it to find another means of transportation. Instead, because BYU is generally interested in what's best for the students (generally...), they provide an alternate mode of transportation **free of charge**!! Where do people like this get off complaining about BYU's monitary policy when they don't have to pay hardly anything themselves.

One more point, before I go to bed and get some much needed sleep. If BYU really was strictly concerned about the monetary issues of funding a free UTA pass for every student, then why do they go out of their way to create thousands of student jobs? The same services could be provided for much cheaper if they hired professionals to do them... the point is to give everybody a chance to be able to pay for their education, and still learn a valuable lesson in self-reliance. So, the next time I board the bus, I'll flash my ID, and laugh at those who cry because they feel their blessings have been cut back by $45 a year.

added Wed February 19 2003 at 2:39 PM
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