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Canon: EOS 20D vs EOS 350D (Digital Rebel XT)-
A while ago, Eric asked me what the difference was between my camera and the new Digital Rebel XT (EOS 350D). I compiled a short list of feature comparisons for him that I figured I might as well share with everybody else. All the information here came from, I simply picked out a few features and put them side by side.

  EOS 20D Digital Rebel XT
Case Materialmagnesium alloy caseplastic case
Drive5 fps, 23 frames3 fps, 14 frames
Resolution8.2 megapixel8.0 megapixel
Weight685 g490 g
Custom functionsmore custom functionsstill plenty of custom functions
Auto-focus array9 point diamond array focus indicator7 point plus-sign array focus indicator
PC sync"pc sync" to allow direct connection with studio lightingnone
Photoshopphotoshop elements includednone
Image processorquality image processoruses the same image processor

In short, they are both *excellent* cameras, but they target slightly different audiences. The 20D is a prosumer model: a bridge between hobbyists and the professional 1Ds. The Digital Rebel is a top-of-the-line hobbyist model. I do not regret my decision to spend the extra few hundred to get the 20D, but I would also be plenty happy with a 350D. For more information on either of them, I highly recommend reading the full reviews at

uploaded Tue June 07 2005 at 7:18 AM
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