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Customer Service-Application essay
"What does customer service mean?
Describe three important characteristics you have that will enable you to positively represent BYU."

Good customer service has three key characteristics, namely listening, caring, and responding appropriately. If any of these three aspects are missing, the customerís needs will probably not be met.

First, to fully understand what the customer needs, one must listen carefully to their questions or requests. Often, people donít know exactly what they want, and it becomes the servicemanís job to try to fill in the missing information. This happens a lot when in a tutoring position because the person asking for help is often frustrated, tired, and ready to give up. In cases like this, one must not only listen to the question asked, but try to think what other similar questions could be asked to help solve the problem.

Second, once it has been clearly established what the customer needs or wants, it is important for the serviceman to care about helping with the solution. Sometimes, bad service is a result of simple incompetence, but more often the bad service is due to lack of caring. Service is most helpful when it is not done grudgingly. The best solutions to problems usually require time and effort. While working as a cashier, I found that customers were much happier when I cared enough to do little things like genuinely offering further assistance.

Third, good service requires responding appropriately. Assuming that the serviceman listened to and fully understood the request, and that he cares, the only thing left is to respond appropriately. This aspect may take the most time of the three, but it requires both of the previous steps to succeed. This aspect also varies the most with different positions and different companies.

While I was working on a paper route as a youth, I had one customer that could not bend over very easily. She had many delivery boys before me that would throw the paper in the bushes or wherever it landed, and it upset her. When I started, she told me of her problem, I listened carefully to what she required, and I cared enough to try to figure out a solution. In this case, the best way to make it easy for her to get her paper was by attaching it to the doorknob, because she still had good use of her hands. Instead of throwing the paper on the porch like I did with most houses, I took the time to walk up to the door and attach it to the doorknob. This combination of listening, caring, and responding appropriately made this a very successful customer relationship for both of us. These three characteristics also enable me to positively represent BYU.

uploaded Wed February 18 2004 at 7:45 PM
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Maria says:
oh, that is so nice, good story.
posted Sat September 23 2006 at 1:58 PM


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