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I needed help. My soul cried out for relief from the anguish, but I had not the courage to walk through those doors. I was told that I might find some sense of solace. Perhaps not a way out of my problems, but at least a way to mitigate the suffering.

I needed help. After years of turmoil, denial, and distress, I finally admitted that I have a problem, so I decided to go for help, to see what they had to offer. I swallowed the last drop of pride and went to embrace whatever methods were required to uproot this addiction.

And instead of helping me find a method to shatter this mold that has been slowly encroaching on my soul, they tell me that I need to learn to accept the mold, even to choose the mold, since that is the only choice that I am capable of making. It will hurt a lot less, and I will be happier, they say. The pain and anguish will go away, simply by embracing my carnal nature instead of fighting against it.

I cower in disgust at the awful betrayal.

uploaded Tue October 07 2003 at 7:01 PM
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