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The Most Important Scriptural Book-religion, insight #1
A question one often faces when telling those of other faiths about the Book of Mormon is “Which of the standard works is most important?” This tough question is generally used to force Latter-Day Saints into stating they have no interest in the Bible. The reason why the question is so tough is because evidence can be demonstrated to support that each one of the standard works is extremely important. The first approach to answering this question is to weigh out the benefits and disadvantages of each book and give it a rating to determine its relative importance. Instead of trying this, Latter-Day Saints can appeal to a simple yet powerful truth: As members of a true and living church, they do not have to choose which of the standard works is most important, because they have all of them.

The question about the “most important” standard work was posed to the class in its first meeting. In turn, each standard work was brought up and the class discussed the reason why it should or should not be considered the most important. The Book of Mormon was defended based on the fact that it is a pure translation and contains many of the small and simple things that were left out of the Bible. The Pearl of Great Price was defended based on the increased knowledge it gives the church concerning the Plan of Salvation. The Bible was defended based on the long-standing traditions of the Christian world that were developed on that one witness alone. The Doctrine and Covenants was defended based on the fact that it is a D&C class, and also because it is the one book that is directed only to the last days.

The life improving insight that I have gained from my personal reading and study is that each of the standard works is of great importance. This semester I will be studying out of the D&C, so I will be exposed to revelations directly relating to these times. However, this book is not complete unless I also refer to the Book of Mormon, Bible, Pearl of Great Price, and words of our living prophets. As a Latter-Day Saint, I have the unique advantage that I have old scripture and new revelation at my disposal, and I should utilize this advantage whenever possible.

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