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An incomplete love song-poetry, lyrics
I hear a love song
sweet and sad, lonely reminiscence
such songs always catch your heart
but now they make me think of you

I think of you
I miss you
I think of you most every day
and I can't see you anyway
I've seen you in my dreams at night
the memories still bring me delight
I 'magine you think of me too
but what could such thoughts ever do
our times together sure were fun
now my new life has begun

I miss you
I do not say "I'd walk all day"
I could not lie to you that way
ours was not a "fated love"
you were not "sent from God above"

the way I felt for you is real
clichés don't tell you how I feel

uploaded Mon June 23 2003 at 1:16 PM
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