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Stolen Kiss-prose, dream
Perhaps I should've written it down when I first had the dream. Maybe I was too shaken up. Maybe I figured letting it simmer in my thoughts would straighten things out. Probably I'm just not as good at writing dreams down as she is. Whatever the reason, the dream took place a few days ago, and the recollection grows more dim. Even now, I'm not sure how much is me remembering the dream and how much is me remembering the memories I've already had.

We were in my room, just laughing and talking. I don't recall what the conversation was about, but that doesn't really matter. We had laughed and talked together-- if not many, then several-- times before. All was the epitomy of normalcy. The only thing that was the slightest bit abnormal was the fact that we were together in my room. She as never been in my room before, and there is no specific reason to believe she ever will be now.

As we talked, I'm not sure what brought on her next move. As I said, I don't remember what we talked about, which is exactly how I know we weren't talking about *that*. It must've been some thought that had been running independently through her head. Without warning or any other indication of what she was about to do, she leaned in and kissed me. Immediately she pulled back and apologized several times. She must have mistaken my being startled for being angry.

Now the reader may be confused as to why this dream would be significant. Two reasons. First, I honestly don't ever dream of girls kissing me. Probably because it's hard to feel something in a dream that you've never felt in real life. Second, this wasn't the type of kiss one generally dreams about. It was no movie kiss- long, drawn out, passionate. It was more like a kiss you'd imagine for curious grade-schoolers, or a real-to-life first kiss- short, quick, and simple- just a peck on the lips.

Now don't let me downplay it too much. It may have been nothing for a dream kiss, but for the reality that happened to be my dream, it was a quarter step short of perfect bliss for that split second. Later, I was trying to decide if it had been a dream. I don't remember how, but I proved to myself that it had been real. Unfortunately, that proof did not withstand the final test. I woke up, and knew immediately that I hadn't seen her after all. But in my dreams... in my dreams, she had stolen a kiss.

Jo-Pete Nelson

uploaded Thu April 03 2003 at 10:13 PM
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